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Vehicle Magnets .030″

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Product Description

Magnetic vehicle signs offer many benefits to businesses and consumers alike. These signs are a great way to advertise and customize your vehicle to make a statement to everyone who sees your car. Many businesses use magnetic vehicle signs on company vehicles for the advertising and business exposure that is offered. These signs do not cause any damage to your vehicle or paint job, and they can be applied and removed quickly and easily. Magnetic vehicle signs are a very inexpensive advertising medium, yet they are very effective, increasing profits for your business over a long period for an initial investment.

Magnetic vehicle signs will last for many years if the proper care and cleaning is given. This makes them very cost-effective for businesses to use. The initial investment maybe a couple of hundred dollars, which is a very small cost for years of business advertising. Compared to the price and effectiveness of other advertising mediums, magnetic vehicle signs offer a fantastic advantage in both areas. Television advertising can cost an outrageous amount for a fifteen-second spot in the middle of the night. How many people will this actually reach? Compare that to magnetic vehicle signs, which cost very little and will be seen by thousands a week, which is everyone who sees your vehicle with magnetic vehicle signs on it.

Magnetic vehicle signs can be customized to include text, colors, graphics, logos, and more. This means your signs can reflect your business with flair, instead of just boring print. Eye-catching color on magnetic vehicle signs will get your business noticed much more quickly, and it will be remembered a lot longer. This drastically increases the number of potential customers who see and remember your business for their needs. This makes magnetic vehicle signs the most effective method of promoting and advertising your business.

Portability is one terrific advantage of magnetic vehicle signs. These signs can be removed and used on a different vehicle, so you choose which vehicle advertises your business at any given time. Magnetic vehicle signs go wherever the vehicle goes, which gives your business a colorful moving billboard advertising your products or services. This is at a fraction of the cost of the usual stationery billboard which is hardly noticed. Magnetic vehicle signs have become a popular business advertising medium because they do draw attention and the signs are noticed wherever they go.

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