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Channel Letters

Channel Letters are generally made of Aluminum and are a highly visible, advertising on the front wall of any business. Channel letters and reverse channel letters are among the most expensive options on signs, but they definitely are the most prestige to any business.

There are three forms of Channel letter;

1) Popular Channel Letters, the front lighting is produced by neon or LED, the face may be white or colored acrylic (note that the variety of colors in acrylic is very limited). They can also be made of polycarbonate or what is known as Lexan (in this case only produces white or transparent, white unfortunately tends to turn yellow with the passage of months) in this material we can offer the color wanted by applying translucent vinyl applied to the face.

2) Open Face channel Letter, are the same channel letters with neon lighting only, without cover or with a transparent cover to protect neon.

3) Reverse Channel Letters; In this case, the lighting is backward, produced by neon or LED, are all metal letters, except the bottom where it exits the light onto the wall creating a halo of light to each letter or logo (some cities require that the background is transparent polycarbonate to protect the neon) indeed reverse channel letters to look elegant day and night.

Designs2Go can accommodate any Channel Lettering sign option. We can also create a custom design like no other to make your storefront stand out from all the other signs in the area. Let us make your business shine with a Channel Lettering Designed sign.